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Sub Structure

Sub Structure enhances the stability and strength of your building. Sub structure brickwork is a crucial component that reinforces the foundation and provides structural integrity. Our comprehensive package includes all sub structure works, taking your building up to DPC (damp-proof course) level. From constructing brickwork below ground height to incorporating the chosen structural floor, our team ensures a seamless and reliable substructure solution. Count on Terra Contracts for professional expertise and a complete package that enhances the stability and durability of your building’s substructure.

Ground bearing slabs

Discover the durability and reliability of ground bearing slabs with Terra Contracts. Our ground bearing slabs provide a popular and effective flooring solution for both domestic and commercial buildings. Designed to securely transfer live and dead loadings to the underlying land, these slabs ensure the structural integrity of your building. Additionally, insulation can be incorporated into the design or added later if required, along with a cementitious screed. Trust Terra Contracts for high-quality ground bearing slabs that offer long-lasting performance and meet the specific requirements of your project.

Suspended slab floor

Experience the versatility and strength of suspended slab floors with Terra Contracts. Our suspended concrete floors are designed to provide a robust and reliable flooring solution for various structures. Supported on walls, beams, or columns, these floors effectively carry their self-weight and imposed loading. Spanning between supports, they offer flexibility while maintaining structural integrity. With careful design, these floors limit deflection under load, ensuring stability. Our suspended slab floors incorporate a higher level of steel reinforcing, enhancing their strength and durability. Trust Terra Contracts for high-quality suspended slab floors that meet your project’s requirements for a secure and long-lasting flooring solution.

Beam and block floors

Discover the efficiency and reliability of beam and block flooring with Terra Contracts. Our beam and block flooring system is the ideal choice for creating suspended concrete floors at ground or upper floor levels. Widely used by housebuilders, this system offers a swift installation process. It consists of T beam floor beams that are infilled with precast concrete blocks, providing a sturdy and robust flooring solution. With Terra Contracts, you can trust in the quality and expertise of our team to deliver a beam and block flooring system that meets your project’s requirements, ensuring a durable and efficient flooring solution.
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