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Site preparation works are essentially the work required at the start of a project before construction work can begin. These works can include-

Site preparation set up

Site preparation setup involves establishing site boundaries and secure perimeters to protect the public and manage construction hazards. This includes positioning temporary site cabins strategically to support the project. By creating clear boundaries and a controlled environment, site setup ensures the safety of workers and the public, minimizing risks. It serves as a foundation for efficient and secure construction operations, enabling smooth progress throughout the project.

Site preparation set up
Site preparation site clearance

Site clearance

Site clearance involves preparing a construction site by removing non-essential elements such as shrubs, bushes, fences, and benches. These items are either disposed of off-site or salvaged for potential reuse based on the customer’s preference. Our team handles reusable items with attention and care. Site clearance ensures a clean and unobstructed work area, providing a blank canvas for construction activities to commence smoothly.


Demolition is a crucial aspect of the construction industry, especially when new projects are located in areas with existing structures. We specialize in both in-house small-scale demolitions and collaborate with trusted partners for larger structures. Our focus is on ensuring safety and precision during the demolition process. Whether it’s dismantling small structures or tackling larger demolitions, we execute the project with meticulous care and adherence to established protocols. Our commitment to safe and efficient practices ensures the proper removal of existing structures, clearing the path for seamless progress in new construction endeavors.

Site preparation demolition
Site preparation Reduced level dig

Reduced level dig

During a reduced level dig, our team focuses on achieving the desired site formation levels. Often, the initial ground levels exceed the final design specifications. To address this, we utilize excavators to methodically strip away layers of soil, eliminating the excess material. Depending on the situation, we responsibly dispose of the excavated material in licensed tips or relocate it to another area on-site for spreading and leveling. This meticulous process ensures that the ground reaches the necessary elevation, aligning with the project’s design requirements. By efficiently managing the reduced level dig, we establish a sturdy foundation for subsequent construction stages.

Drainage diversions

Drainage and services diversions– Often sites are redeveloped as opposed to being new green field developments. In this case, it is often necessary to divert or move existing drainage runs or service runs to accommodate the new project. The project plans usually include a drainage and or utility design that outlines the best approach for implementing these diversions. Our team takes charge of executing the required tasks, ensuring a seamless transition for development.

Successful completion of these works ensures a site is ready for the forthcoming project.

Site preparation drainage diversions
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